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Интеллектуальная игра краеведов школы

Сформирована команда игры. Идет подготовка и изучение темы о  легендарном Ермаке, и крепостях Тары, Тюмени и Тобольска. Игра будет серьёзной и очень напряженной. Команда новая. Будем стараться.

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?ProductBoard helps product managers figure out what to create next… and why
TVTY raises further $6.7M to sync over the internet ad campaigns with offline events
ProductBoard today is launching a provider for electronic product managers that helps them improved organize consumer research and determine which benefits deserve priority. Making its public debut at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco. this product management system is currently being made use of by over 100 paying clientele during its beta to establish their product roadmaps and collaborate with engineering teams on their own upcoming feature releases.
Product managers today take enter from the a number of channels when determining what to create next - for example, customer help tickets, emails, enter from sales teams or even direct consumer research. But when it comes to organizing all this help and advice inside a coherent fashion, they continue to often turn to a good deal more generalized instruments, like spreadsheets, Google Docs, note-taking applications or wikis to make feeling of it all.
ProductBoard, however, is fashioned specifically for organizing, aggregating and prioritizing a extensive list of qualities that desire to be created.
The assistance performs with solutions where product feedback is initially gathered, these as Zendesk, Intercom and others. In addition, it comprises of a Chrome extension for grabbing snippets from the internet, can gather knowledge you send in through email and is effective with Zapier for further connections to third-party applications.
These feedback requests are then centralized in a single interface, and can then be linked with the feature they would inspire.
Which is to say, ProductBoard enables you to see who’s asking to the change, why the feature is necessary, what problem it solves and a lot more. In addition it makes use of an algorithm that sums up the feature requests in its scheme to help product managers understand the problems those amenities would solve, and how they’re associated with the larger strategic drivers to the enterprise.
PM’s can then organize the functionality into a hierarchy directly around the application to help them visualize their priorities based upon the information at hand. A consumer impact score can also be displayed around the app’s right-hand column, which helps the industry even better determine how to rank which items to create before others.
And when it is time to actually begin the perform of putting together the functions themselves, ProductBoard integrates with the different techniques engineering teams to do track their deliver the results - like Trello, Pivotal Tracker or Atlassian’s JIRA. Moreover to sending knowledge from ProductBoard to those techniques, the services supports two-way sync so you can actually also see the feature’s present-day advancement status in ProductBoard.
The idea with the startup comes from co-founder and CEO Hubert Palan’s very own background in product management. He has an MBA from Berkeley and master’s in computer science from Czech Technical University, and moved to the Bay Area where he later became employee No. 6 at industry intelligence system GoodData.
Over several years at GoodData, he went from the junior PM role to become VP of product management, even while the corporation itself grew from the modest team of six to some 300 staff and raised $100 million in VC backing.
There, Palan says he personally skilled the pains involved with product management today.
“As product managers, designers and people who make product decisions, we have really been applying instruments made for the delivery - engineering resources,” explains Palan. “They have been all built to help you develop <the>features - … There’s no concept of ‘customer,’ or in the problem or will be needing that the product is solving. It doesn’t even exist inside of the person interface,” he says.
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